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Computed Tomography Experiments on a Laboratory Multipurpose Diffractometer

Donnerstag (06.07.2017)
16:00 - 16:20 Uhr
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Over the past hundred years a large number of analytical techniques based on X-rays has been developed. Nowadays X-ray diffraction is a well established method of solid materials’ characterization. Hereby the X-ray diffractometer is mainly used for phase identification and structure determination. The multipurpose diffractometer Empyrean allows to extend the capabilities of a standard laboratory X-ray diffractometer by other analytical methods. By simply exchanging few modules one can switch from classical powder diffraction to computed tomography, small-angle X-ray scattering or use X-ray scattering to perform pair distribution function analysis. In this contribution we present the application of soft (Co and Cu X-ray tubes) and hard (Mo and Ag X-ray tubes) radiation in CT experiments on various types of samples. A thorough qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of porous, oriented or multicomponent materials is demonstrated.

A composite material, consisting of a polymer matrix and oriented carbon fibers was measured with Co radiation. For this sample the Fiber Composite Material Analysis has been performed. In order to estimate the fiber orientation, various plane projections have been evaluated. To quantify fibers’ orientation, projection angle distributions have been plotted.

In addition in order to estimate the structural changes occurring upon discharging of an alkaline battery, a commercially available cylindrical battery (AAAA type) has been measured using Ag radiation in the original and discharged state. Changes in the material packing in the central part of the battery have been observed. Zn that is filling the central part of the battery transforms to ZnO, which is followed by increase of the packing density and, as a consequence porosity decrease of this material by 10 % is observed (discharged: 10 % vs. initial: 20 %).

Dr. Natalia Dadivanyan
Malvern Panalytical B.V.
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  • Dr. Detlev J. Götz
    PANalytical B.V.
  • Dr. Detlef Beckers
    PANalytical B.V.
  • Dr. Fabio Masiello
    PANalytical B.V.