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Influence of laser-structured surface treatment for process-integrated joining of fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite to metal sheets

Donnerstag (06.07.2017)
16:40 - 17:00 Uhr
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Laser-structured metal surfaces in combination with thermoplastic compression mold processes allow intrinsic hybrid structures with high-strength connections. Suitable process parameters are still to be identified to provide optimized hybrid joining parameters. Therefore, laser structures with different configurations are applied to steel sheets and compressed with textile reinforced thermoplastic composites to manufacture hybrid structures. Laser processing parameters, such as pulse duration or energy as well as laser scanning strategies and therefore structure dimensions are analyzed.

After manufacturing, specimens are extracted and characterized in single-lap shear tests comparing different configurations to identify boundary conditions for the laser structuring with optimal bonding characteristics.


M.Sc. Wikentij Koshukow
Technische Universität Dresden
Weitere Autoren/Referenten:
  • Dr. Michael Krahl
    Technische Universität Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Maik Gude
    Technische Universität Dresden
  • Peter Götz
    Bayerisches Laserzentrum GmbH
  • Marc Kirchhoff
    TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH