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Graphene in composite materials – the development of industrial applications

Donnerstag (06.07.2017)
13:40 - 14:00 Uhr
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Graphene has the potential to significantly enhance some properties of polymeric composite materials and to overcome some of their weaknesses. The addition of graphene can enhance mechanical performance (strength, stiffness, fracture toughness), enhance impact performance, increase electrical conductivity (lightning strike, EMI/EMC, anti static) and increase thermal conductivity (heat dissipation). One of the challenges is to obtain a good dispersion of the graphene after the manufacturing process so that it still imparts the benefits and is affordable.

Haydale Graphene Industries plc (HGI) has patented the HDPlas functionalisation method and is using it on an industrial scale. The functionalised graphene is incorporated into a masterbatch for ease of handling and improved dispersion.

Haydale Composite Solutions (HCS) is working on industrial applications for the graphene and carbon nanotubes in thermosets and thermoplastics. This talk will outline some of the benefits, the applications and the challenges.


Peter Hansen
Haydale Composite Solutions